Our Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

Investment goals are achieved by ensuring an appropriate mix of growth and defensive assets are in every investment strategy. We take the time to explain the importance of growth assets and their characteristics, and why it is necessary to adopt the right time frame where time in the market matters most, rather than timing the market.

Managed funds deliver great diversification. We select funds with consistent, long term track records, stable management, low fees and prudent investment policies.

To reduce overall volatility and risk, we prefer to build a client’s portfolio around a core group of diversified managed funds in portfolio construction. It is important to select a variety of fund management institutions with different investment styles and philosophies that include value, growth, large cap, small & medium cap, and that specialize in either local or international investments.

Our philosophy regarding direct shareholdings compels us to look for stable, well capitalized companies with steady records of growth in both sales and earnings with relatively low price to earnings ratios.

We are always mindful of a client’s need for safety, capital appreciation and income, so we endeavor to build balanced portfolios that address those needs.

Securities are purchased with a long term view. All holdings are continually monitored to ensure we are informed about changes in sales, earnings and company events.

We never recommend ‘exotic’ or high risk speculative investments and we firmly believe if you do not understand what you invest in, you should not invest in it.