Why Brady & Associates

Why Brady & Associates

Brady & Associates is a Sydney based financial advice firm with a 28-year heritage.

Our overarching motivation that drives everything we do is to help our clients achieve their goals.

We see ourselves not only as financial advisers, but as trusted advisers focussed on assisting you attain the sustainable lifestyle you seek, a third party for clients to provide direction and confidence when life keeps throwing challenges in the way of a perfect plan.

We operate on a low client-to-adviser ratio and always have at least one adviser and one dedicated client service staff looking after each client. This ensures that our staff have the time and resources available to provide proactive service and highest levels of client care, and that they are familiar with what matters to you.

Our staff are highly qualified and our business puts a great emphasis on ongoing professional development well beyond industry standards.

Because we are holder of our own Australian Financial Services License, there is no vertical integration with a larger dealer group or product provider that could exert pressure on which products we recommend to our clients.

Brady & Associates is a member of Connectus Wealth Advisers, a global consortium of boutique, client-centric financial advisers that deliver highly customized advice and bespoke client services. Connectus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Focus Financial Partners Inc., a leading partnership of fiduciary wealth management firms. To learn more about Connectus Wealth Advisers, please visit www.connectuswealth.com.